modish is proud to exclusively introduce in Canada and in affiliation in the USA both the Worldwide Patented European BioVital Luxury Rest System designed by Victorio & Lucchino and BioVital Basic Rest System.

scientific facts...

In large cities, we live and surrounded by electromagnetic fields that disturb our cellular life, e.g. televisions, computers, telephones, telecommunication and power lines, wireless internet connections, which collectively speeds up the aging process by oxidizing stress and reduces the strength of our immunological system.

At BioVital, the scientific researchers knew that there were natural ways in fighting against these modern age phenomena. Furthermore, they were aware that it was possible to be healthy inside and outside by just learning how to help our body to regenerate more efficiently.

Furthermore, at BioVital, the scientific researchers knew how important it was to maintain the natural balance of body at all times. Moreover,  they discovered that sleeping disorder and deprivations that our body may suffer each day is the root cause of low daily energy and added factor in becoming older sooner.

an innovative patented design...

In collaboration with several universities,
as the result of many years of scientific researchs and tests, BioVital has developed a unique cell regeneration system that uses sleeping time, when the body prepares to refill. Thus, BioVital helps the body to recover and fight against unappreciated aggressions from radical free agents to negative consequences of stress.

The result was an innovative bed, mattress and accessories resting system combination with naturally varnished woods and ergonomically fitted basic and luxury designs in conjunction with coconut fiber sheet that erases ambient humidity and becomes a natural ionizer, 100% natural latex mattress that avoids acarus and bacterium appearance, graphite mesh cover and earth wire that eliminates electromagnetic pollution that either we carry along during the day or surrounds us, and lamb wool that oxygenates, keeps body temperature and helps blood circulation.

a dazzling beauty...

Seville's renowned designers Victorio & Lucchino have collaborated with BioVital and added dazzling and astonishing beauty to the BioVital’s Rest System by designing several models of headboards and frames.

Thus innovation and design come together through the headboards made with embossed leather, which reflects the personality and superb creativity of the designers. In addition, floral motifs inlaid in silver tones and carved in the leather indicate the originality in the design with the distinctive Victorio & Luccino’s stamp:

BioVital Luxury Resting System
BioVital Luxury Rest System designed by Victorio & Lucchino - catalogue
BioVital Luxury Rest System designed by Victorio & Lucchino - catalogue

bed base...

BioVital’s bed base is made of Beechwood slats, which suit the body shape ensuring adequate support whatever the weight is. This way the spine maintains a correct anatomical position. The adjustable height of head and feet provides great comfort. The ionizing property of the natural wood is maintained with natural vegetable varnish, which enables the wood to breathe properly. The varnishing handmade process is followed by the traditional method of natural sun drying.

Due to the fact that the foot of the bed can be raised, the body has better blood circulation that prevents varicose veins and tired leg sensations.

The height of the slats of the lower back is adjustable to achieve the most suitable position for this part of the body. The leg and shoulder areas have pivoting blades for improved comfort.

BioVital Luxury Resting System

mattress and accessories...

The mattress is made of "natural milk from the Havea Basielenes tree", which ensures healthy rest due to the perfect adaptability of the material to the body's weight and anatomy. The mattress prevents the proliferation of mites, molds and bacteria.

The mattress cover is one of the most important elements of BioVital Rest System. In specific, it is made of graphite mesh that channels the electromagnetic energy out of body through a grounder.

Considering the fact that springs and other metallic elements used in making other bed frames and mattresses amplify electromagnetic fields, the BioVital Rest System is free of metallic materials.

A sheet of natural coconut fiber at the bottom of the mattress works as a moisture absorbent and ionizer that prevents sleeping in a humid environment. Furthermore, it prevents moisture from our body to penetrate and reside in the latex. This property enables the mattress to maintain a correct temperature and proper ventilation all the time.

In the fabric of the mattresses and toppers, the ecological cultivation cotton has been mixed with a 70% of Cashmere. The blankets and mattress covers are made of merino wool, which helps the body to maintain its natural temperature and transpiration. It is also composed of  lanolin that softens and hydrates the skin.

BioVital Basic Resting System
BioVital Rest System; how it works! - catalogue
BioVital Rest System; how it works! - catalogue
quick facts...

BioVital Rest Systems:

- Relives body from electromagnetic pollutions through a sophisticated grounder mechanism and protects the body from the surrounding harmful electromagnetism during resting time
- Allows the natural terrestrial magnetic field to be recovered by the body during resting time
- Maintains the natural body temperature assuring a deep sleep
- Improves the production of melatonin, which is the best natural sleep inducer. Also prevents aging, strengthens the body's natural antioxidant levels and reduces prostate hypertrophy, depression, high cholesterol, hypertension, osteoporosis and epilepsy.
- Improves natural body oxygenation
- Increases the immune capacity
- Reduces the anxiety levels
- Prevents uninterrupted sleep due to comfort, anatomical adaptation and to the natural materials of composition resulting in better rest and wellness
- Reduces excess pressure on specific points of the body and improves blood circulation
- Helps preventing back pain, scoliosis, sciatica and cervical diseases by correcting body posture during rest

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designer and manufacturer...

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